Injuries From Slipping Or Tripping On Safety Hazards

We know that a slip-and-fall accident hurts more than your pride. The lawyers of Keis George have recovered compensation for serious falls that required surgery or left clients permanently impaired.

If you slipped or tripped because of dangerous property conditions, our personal injury team will work hard to see that you are compensated accordingly. In northeast Ohio and statewide, we have obtained notable recoveries in premises liability litigation.

Seriously Injured From Falling?
Find out if you have grounds for suing the property owner. With offices in Cleveland and Columbus, we offer a free consultation. Call us right away to investigate.

Establishing Liability For Slip-And-Fall Accidents

Property owners have a legal duty to maintain their premises in a safe condition. If a person is injured as a result of the owner creating or neglecting a hazard, that owner may held be responsible for the medical, financial and personal harm.

Not every slip-and-fall is grounds for a lawsuit. There must be a lasting injury requiring medical attention. It is also necessary to prove that the owner knew of the danger and failed to fix it or post warning, or should have known through routine inspection and upkeep. Our attorneys can explore your possible remedies for slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall injuries resulting from:

  • Slippery floors (food, spilled liquids, mopping)
  • Icy sidewalks or parking lot potholes
  • Uneven or broken concrete
  • Stairways (broken steps or handrails)
  • Unexpected step-ups or drop-offs
  • Poor lighting
  • Falling merchandise
  • Other unsafe conditions

We will bring suit against owners of apartment buildings, retail stores, restaurants and other commercial properties, as well as municipal entities responsible for slipping hazards. We know that falling accidents commonly cause not only fractures and bruises but also back injuries, knee injuries, concussions and other injuries that are not outwardly apparent. We work with clients to document the degree of injury, medical needs, lost income and other damages.

Falling From Heights
We handle all falling accidents, including falls from elevations. Recent tragedies at ballparks and shopping malls in Ohio have highlighted inadequate safety features. We examine not only slippery surfaces but code violations — such as low railings, noncompliant stairs or overcrowding — that contributed to falls from a platform, balcony, catwalk or flight of steps. This includes construction site falls from roofs and other heights.

Protect Your Rights By Calling Us Now

It is important to contact us promptly to preserve evidence before the dangerous condition can be covered up. It is also important not to sign any statements, waivers or settlement offers without talking to an attorney first.

Call our Cleveland slip-and-fall injury attorneys at 866-492-6365 or contact us online and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. We provide a free consultation, with no attorney fees unless we recover compensation. In addition to Ohio, we have an active personal injury practice in Chicago.

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