What Are Your Remedies If A Drunk Driver Caused Your Accident?

Causing injury or death elevates drunk driving to a serious felony. But that does not automatically elevate the compensation that victims and their families receive. Getting full compensation for a drunk driving accident requires experienced and diligent legal representation.

If someone in your family was injured or killed by a drunk driver, you can depend on the attorneys of Keis George to pursue every avenue on your behalf. We work to establish liability of the impaired driver as well as other individuals or entities who contributed to the tragic outcome. We go after all sources of compensation to cover the losses and future needs of our clients.

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The Devastation Of A Drunk Driving Accident

Victims are not entitled to extra compensation simply because the driver was drunk. Yet these cases often are worth more. The nature of the crash — a drunk driver plowing through an intersection, weaving over the center line or failing to hit the brakes — commonly causes more severe injuries than a typical collision, if not fatality.

While insurance companies are more inclined to settle a drunk driver case, you cannot make the mistake of settling too quickly. We put in the work to ensure that compensation fully reflects the aftermath — hospital bills and future medical care, lost wages and future earnings, lasting disability, and the profound pain and suffering.

Identifying The Responsible Parties

The person who gets behind the wheel after drinking too much is of course chiefly to blame. We will pursue the full policy limits of that driver’s insurance, as well as their personal assets when applicable.

Ohio’s dram shop statute also allows victims to sue a bar, restaurant or liquor store that provided alcoholic beverages to an obviously intoxicated person. Social hosts (homeowners) can also be liable for providing alcohol to a minor or intoxicated person who then causes an accident. Our lawyers are skilled at establishing liability, causation and all elements of damages.

In or out of court, we are committed to full justice for an accident that was fully preventable. To discuss your legal recourse in a free consultation, call Keis George toll free at 866-492-6365 or contact us online.