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Car accidents Archives

Who will protect your rights after a car accident?

Automobile accidents in Ohio and other states lead to a significant percentage of personal injury and wrongful death claims that injured victims or surviving families of deceased car accident victims file in the civil courts across the United States every year. In fact, records of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicate that police nationwide reported over 5,000,000 car accidents in 2014.

The phone call that changed your life forever

You might be one among others in Ohio who has lived through the devastating moments of a phone call informing you that your beloved family member was killed in a terrible car accident. If you also learned that police suspect your loved one's death was caused by a drunk driver, it is understandable you have a strong desire to see justice served on behalf of the one who died.

More Americans choose control over the safety of self-driving cars

It is no big surprise that Americans enjoy their autonomy. While self-driving cars are piquing community interest, most Americans are weary to let go of the wheel. Driverless technology is currently being researched for its safety. As most studies are showing, self-driving cars are much safer than human drivers. Even with this knowledge Americans are not totally won over.

Convenient but are you covered? Here's what happens if you're injured in an Uber

With the tap of your finger an Uber driver can be at your door in minutes. No need to make a phone call or even give them the address. Between the ease, speed, and lower prices, Ohio residents are choosing ridesharing services more and more often. Although they have been around for years it was not until recently that state law required ridesharing services to hold the same insurance regulations as taxi companies. Starting December 2015, Uber and Lyft drivers must carry commercial automotive insurance in Ohio. Coverage differs between companies depending if you have been hit by a driver or if you are a passenger.

New technology makes it harder for drivers to lie

While it isn't always possible to easily determine who was at fault in a car accident, that's starting to change. Tesla cars are constantly connected to the Internet, and they send out data recorder information. From that info, it's possible to determine whether what the driver said happened was actually what took place.

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