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New technology makes it harder for drivers to lie

While it isn't always possible to easily determine who was at fault in a car accident, that's starting to change. Tesla cars are constantly connected to the Internet, and they send out data recorder information. From that info, it's possible to determine whether what the driver said happened was actually what took place.

In short, it's going to get much harder to lie about who's at fault. According to Technology Review, more and more automakers are expected to adopt the same technology that Tesla is already using. In fact, it's estimated that 90 percent of cars will have it available by 2020.

Right Now, Black Box Data Is Only One Piece Of The Puzzle

Currently, the determination of who is at fault in a car accident relies on several different things. There are data recorders in most cars now, and these "black boxes" record some specific events that can be later examined. However, they don't record everything, and they aren't putting that information out on the Internet for the automaker to see in real time.

The position of the cars, the extent of the damage and eyewitness accounts are also still used when determining which driver may have caused the car accident. That's especially true of older cars that are still on the road, because they may not have data recorders.

In The Future, Accident Litigation May Undergo Significant Changes

With cars that can tell who is at fault, motor vehicle accident (MVA) litigation will have to change. There will be less need to argue about which driver may have done something wrong, and it will also be harder to talk insurance companies into paying if their driver wasn't the guilty party.

Still, there will be arguments even when the evidence is clear. Some people will claim the computer in the car made a mistake or transmitted incorrect information. If this is ever found to be true, many MVA lawsuits based on computer data may be called into question.

Contacting An Attorney is Still the Right Choice

No matter what kind of data a car collects, how it transmits that data or who is initially determined to be at fault, contacting an attorney is still the best idea. He or she can help you decide if you have a personal injury case.

In some instances, both drivers may have played a role in the accident, so sorting out the facts will generally take an attorney who is skilled with motor vehicle accident cases. Your peace of mind and financial compensation are both important, and working with an attorney can help settle both of those concerns.

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