Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Many lawyers who handle motorcycle accident cases have never actually ridden one. Attorney Bill Keis has a lot of experience with motorcycles — he owns several motorcycles including off road bikes, belongs to motorcycle organizations and has taken his motorcycle all over the country, including course training and racing. Warren George also shares the love of motorcycles and spends a lot of his summer biking through the Alleghenies.

We Know The Road, We Know The Law, We Will Fight For You

This intimate understanding of the challenges motorcyclists face on American roads helps the motorcycle injury attorneys of KG provide knowledgeable legal advice and experienced representation to motorcycle accident victims in the Cleveland area and throughout Ohio. If you have suffered a serious personal injury or the loss of a loved one in a motorcycle accident, contact us now for help.

When Motorists Fail To Respect The Rules Of The Road

We know that many times a motorcycle accident is not the rider’s fault. Other drivers often simply fail to pay attention to motorcycles or expect them to respond in the same way another car would. Too often we have seen motorcycle riders who have been badly injured or killed in an accident caused by ignorance or inattention on the part of a motorist.

Bikers have a right to the road and to be respected just like the driver of any other vehicle. At Keis George, we fight for the victims of motorcycle accidents and to hold negligent drivers to account for the devastation they can cause.

Our motorcycle injury lawyers handle a full range of serious motorcycle accident and injury cases, including:

  • Head trauma and brain injury
  • Severe road rash
  • Badly broken bones and damaged joints
  • Amputation or loss of function in a limb
  • Severe back, neck or spinal cord injury resulting in physical disability
  • Wrongful death

If you were badly injured or a loved one died in a motorcycle accident anywhere in Ohio, get an experienced team of trial lawyers on your side today. Call our offices in Cleveland or Columbus toll free at 216-438-9093 or contact us by email today for a free consultation. We handle accidents that occur on I-71, I-77, I-90, I-80, Route 2, I-480, Route 8, I-271 and other Ohio roads, highways and interstates.

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